Cast a wider net.

Blockchain technology and DeFi introduce a new sea of possibilities. A place where we can define the future of finance, together.

At FisherNode, we aim to unlock that future and make earning accessible to everyone.


There is a lot at stake.

The vision of a decentralized future means that we all have a part to play, individually and collectively. There is a major distrust of large corporations, concerns around privacy, constant breach of data and so much more happening in the world today. Yet, for the first time...  we can do something about it.

Here at FisherNode, we decided to take to difficult route of building and managing our own decentralized servers. With constant monitoring and blazing fast bandwidth, we believe that our nodes will exceed any network's requirements and deliver consistent performance. And best of all, a FisherNode is independently managed, outside the control of cloud-based systems. It is a truly decentralized solution you can rely on.


Our Origin Story: Radix

We decided to begin our journey as a node operator during the launch of the Radix mainnet. Across all other networks, blockchains and consensus protocols, we think Radix is special. And we're proud to be one of the first hundred nodes on the network.

Learn more about Radix on our networks page.