About Us

The Name

FisherNode is named after one of our founder's late brother.

He was an OG bitcoin miner and a champion for crypto. One of those people you might know whose first ETH cost less than ten bucks. He was excited by the impact decentralization could have on humanity. And if you met him in the street, he’d probably greet you with a big smile. But if you seemed curious about crypto, well… you’d never get him to shut up.

FisherNode is our dedication to a big fish that got away… a stellar human gone too soon.

By launching FisherNode, we aim to honor his passion and precision; to build a legacy he would be proud of. A legacy that allows millions of people to benefit from his wisdom and foresight.

(Now if we’d only bought Bitcoin when he told us to… smdh.)

Our Mission

At FisherNode we want to ‘open source’ the world of finance, making it easier for people to become their own bank, unlock rewards and uncover financial freedom.

To achieve this mission, we believe accessibility is key. The more inroads and opportunities to earn, the better off we all are and establishing trusted reputable nodes across chains is a good start.

From there, we aim to partner with dApps and projects genuinely seeking to transcend capitalism and generate equitable avenues for wealth in innovative ways. If you feel compelled to share your own mission or connect with us about some big idea, please do. We’re all in this together.